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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our wedding ceremony services. If you need additional information please e-mail us.


Do you perform non Hawaiian weddings?

Yes, we do perform non Hawaiian weddings. We tailor your ceremony to your wishes. It's your ceremony, your way! 


Do you perform wedding ceremony services on neighbor islands?

Yes we do! Please keep in mind a travel fee to cover flight and transportation to the ceremony. You would be surprised that neighbor island flights are not as expensive as some might think. 


Do you perform vow renewals? 

Yes we do perform vow renewals. We also do other types of ceremonies such as commitment ceremonies where no marriage license is signed. 


Are all of your ceremonies the same?

No, each ceremony is different. We take the time to get to know you. Unless you request no personal details in your ceremony, we will personalize each ceremony according to what you share with us. 


When do we get our marriage license?

Your temporary marriage license is available three to four business days after your wedding ceremony. We receive a digital temporary marriage certificate from the state of Hawaii department of health marriage license office. We e-mail your temporary certificate to you. This temporary is good for proving marriage for spousal benefits and health insurance. Your full certificate arrives within four to six weeks from the state of Hawaii via the US Postal Service. If you plan on changing your last name, please be sure to order additional copies from the state department of health marriage license division. 


We want to get married in Waikiki. Can we just get married on the beach near our hotel?

Marriage ceremonies in Waikiki are limited to one location only. Back in 2008 the resorts and hotels lobbied to pass laws that prohibit anyone from doing a beach wedding on the beaches in front of the resorts and hotels. As a result, the state of Hawaii passed laws that restrict weddings to one area on Waikiki Beach. If you would like to get married at your hotel, you will need to make arrangements with their event coordinator. If you are on a budget, arranging a ceremony at your hotel may be cost prohibitive. We will work with you in finding a great location for you for minimal cost and no stress. 


Are there rules for beach weddings?

The state of Hawaii has flora and fauna that are found nowhere else on earth. This is why the state department of land and natural resources (DLNR) has specific rules for beach weddings so that we do not destroy the natural flora and fauna. Every beach wedding must have a right of entry permit and liability insurance. We take care of this and it is included in our fee.

The wedding party, officiant and vendors shall keep the  area or premises in a strictly clean, sanitary and orderly condition. If you would like flowers in the sand, we are responsible for picking them up after the ceremony.

No alcoholic beverages shall be served or permitted in the  area or premises. Police officers patrol beaches often. All they have to do is use a special dip stick, they will place the dip stick in your bottle, cup or glass. If the dip stick turns color they will write up a ticket and fine you. The holder of the beach permit can lose their license.

No accessories, arches, structures, devices, amplified instruments, appliances, apparatus or equipment of any type whatsoever shall be placed on or within the  area or premises, including but not limited to the following: arches; bowers; altars; tables; chairs; kahilis; tents and/or tarps; event signage of any type including banners, sandwich boards; kiosks or carts; stanchions, posts, ropes or similar equipment for the purpose of demarcation of the  area; and surfboards, windsurf boards, kayaks or other ocean recreation equipment.


Can we request a private beach for our ceremony?

While we do have favorite, "Secret spots," where few people are on the beach, there is no such thing as a private beach in Hawaii. Our monarchy in ancient times ruled that all people will have public access to all beaches, even beaches fronting estates. That said, there are some beaches where commercial activity such as weddings are prohibited. Please check with us before deciding on a beach. 


What is the best time of day to get married in Hawaii? 

While some wedding companies will let you get married at any time of the day, we recommend one hour before sunrise or one hour before sunset if you plan on having a beach ceremony. Why? Hawaii has the highest UV rating compared to most places on earth. This means the sun is the strongest in Hawaii. When you have the sun rays bouncing off of the bright blue sky, white clouds, glistening ocean and sand you have a triple or quadruple reflection. This means you won't be able to look your  in the eyes during your ceremony. Everyone will be squinting. Our Hawaiian Wedding Officiant photographer recommends you do your ceremony during, "Golden Hour." This is one hour before sunset when the sun is at its optimal position for photos. As a result, you will have fewer shadows on faces and you will be able to look each other in the eyes. Because we are on an island, the sunset is not visible in all locations. If you'd like a sunset ceremony please check with us first before deciding on a beach.


Do you perform local weddings?

Of course we perform local weddings. For couples on island we are a proud member of The Wedding Cafe. We are able to schedule in person meetings and we include this as part of our services. We also work closely with you to include any traditions you, your family and guests would appreciate in your ceremony. 


Do you attend rehearsals?

We do our best to attend rehearsals when needed. Please keep in mind, most weddings are scheduled a year in advance. You may not know your rehearsal date and time until a few weeks prior to your wedding. We may already have a ceremony scheduled on your rehearsal day. If you have a wedding planner they typically run the rehearsal and assist you with who stands where. If you do not have anyone to assist you on the day of your wedding please let us know. We can assist you on helpful tips of who stands where. If we aren't available for rehearsal we can meet with you before the wedding or discuss any questions you may have in person or over the phone. For beach weddings, we do charge a fee for rehearsals. This is because we will have to purchase a right of entry permit for the rehearsal as well as the day of the ceremony. 


What will our officiant/celebrant/minister wear for our ceremony?

Angela wears what suits your theme for your wedding. If you have a traditional Hawaiian wedding she will wear the ceremonial cloth known as the kihei. If you have a non Hawaiian beach ceremony she will wear something that matches your style or theme. If you have a formal ceremony in a church or at a hotel she will wear a professional suit to match the couple and or bridal party. Please remember, it's your wedding we will do our best to match your wishes. 


Can we have a musician at our beach wedding?

Yes! However, please keep in mind that we are not allowed to have amplified instruments or music. All instruments must be naturally played. We work with many musicians and we would be happy to recommend someone for you. For additional questions please see number, "7," above regarding beach rules. 


Do you have a question we haven't answered?

If you have a question we haven't answered above please email us at hawaiianweddingofficiant@gmail.com